Alloy Networking provides our clients a reliable, secure, and highly performant platform for hosting their online services.

From simple website hosting, to more complex database and application platforms, such as telephone PBX servers, we’ve got you covered.

Alloy Networking brings enterprise infrastructure features within reach of smaller organizations, and offers a lower cost pathway for redundancy and scalability of applications for larger organizations.

Service Pricing

The Asterisk ( * ) next to our pricing indicates the lowest price available including automatic payment and term discounts. While it may not be the simplest price structure out there, the complexity ensures that we can provide our clients with the lowest possible cost, no matter how complex their needs. For the most current pricing, custom tailored to your needs, log into your Alloy Forge.

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Freshly Forged

The latest announcements, news, and other articles for Alloy’s clients and partners.

  • E-Mail Safe Practices

    E-Mail is a part of almost every Internet user’s experience. Here are some tips for keeping safe while using this old bastion of internet communications. Technical Considerations These are things every user should be aware of regarding their e-mail use, and the security implications of each. E-Mail Client Choice Your e-mail client is the program…

  • Fair Use Policy

    Nobody likes a vague Fair Use Policy. That is, until you decide to write one for yourself. It’s impossible to cover all of the possibilities, while at the same time you don’t want to limit innovation. Because of the nature of our service, we are subject to many different policies from our different providers. If…

  • Terms of Service

    Due to the nature of our service, we are required to comply with the terms of many different companies. If our monitoring services detect a likely violation specific to a provider, we will simply provision your service using a more appropriate provider. If you think your intended use may violate the terms below, or is…

  • Welcome Buds & Bytes Customers!

    It looks like you’ve reached us from Be sure to book mark our home page, for the future, as the link you used to reach us may not be available forever. That being said- we’re glad you made it. The new Alloy Networking venture will allow us to provide a wider range of…

  • New C4 Facility

    Alloy Networking is excited to announce our newest Command, Control, and Compute Center located in Canton, MN. Providing yet another layer of redundancy to our network, the C4 Facility boasts redundant internet connections, redundant utility connections, backup power, and HVAC system integration. The C4 is located inside the 100 N Main building, which conveniently also…